OSB Info


OSB Info

Let’s us now focus on the very stylish and trending OSB in interior design and decoration. Maybe most of you didn’t notice it, but you have seen it in countless shops, exhibition halls, bars or even in a house. Let’s explore how to decorate using OSB by getting to know its multiple features and applications.

10 Steps Production Process

Step 01
Log Sorting
Step 02
Step 03
Step 04
Step 05
Step 06
Glue Blending
Step 07
Step 08
Continuous Pressing
Step 09
Cooling &
Step 10
Cutting, Packing
& Warehousing

What is OSB?

OSB is an oriented strand board which made of wood strands which are dried, sized, glued , formed in a criss-cross direction, and hot pressed into a high quality engineered wood panel.

OSB Furniture

We can use OSB custom made furniture such as tables, bookshelves, stools, cabinets and even sofas.

OSB Wall
& Partition

You can build a wall or partition for a room using OSB.

OSB Kitchen


OSB can be used to build a complete staircase. It is placed on the steps and railings to give the staircase a stylish look.

Design of shops
& commercial area

Without a doubt, it is one of the best and most used places. Due to its trendy style, it is always a choice for designer to use OSB for creating shelves to display products or to use them at the counter is endless.

Roofing &
Wall Sheathing

Other Options

OSB can be coated. It can be UV coated or even black coated to give it a more stylish and elegant look.