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Superfinish 2

Designed for use where a high-performance board which provides dimensional stability and load bearing capabilities especially suited for use in dry conditions.

Dry condition in this instance meaning environments where boards are completely protected from external weather and are not exposed to wetting.

Interior use:

• Furniture
• Interior Walls/partition
• Insulation Panels
• Ceilings
• Industrial Packaging
• Interior Decoration
• Doors
• Laminated Furniture Accessories

Superfinish 3

Designed for use where a high- performance board which provides dimensional stability and load bearing capabilities especially suited for use in humid conditions.

Humid in this instance meaning environment where boards are protected from external conditions but moisture content can increase because of high level of water vapour in the atmosphere.

Interior use:

• Load-bearing Furniture
• Industrial Packaging
• Exterior Wall
• Sub Flooring
• Structural Support In Building Construction
• Sub Flooring
• Roofing

Hyplex 2

Widely used for interior applications, this veneer laminated OSB is a good material for making high moisture resistant and environmentally friendly furniture.

Suitable for all kinds of panel decoration in the furniture industry, decorative paper lamination for the manufacturing of all kinds of panel furniture, office furniture and carrying furniture.

Hyplex 3

Widely used for interior and exterior applications, this veneer laminated OSB visually resembles plywood and possesses similar characteristics.

Suitable for load bearing applications such as structural support in building construction and highly moisture-resistant.

Hyplex Plank

Specially designed for structural support in building construction.

Panels with stability dimension, able to withstand heavy loads. Suitable for humid condition.


• Concrete formwork – beam or slab


A great combination for a load bearing and thin panel lamination surface furniture.

Super finish laminated with HDF providing a smooth and flat surface ready for stringent and delicate lamination process such as decorative melamine paper and decorative sliced veneer.


• Furniture

Superfinish UV

A beautiful, finished PioneerOSBTM panel featuring a clear, durable topcoat that brings out the natural and beauty of real wood. Widely used for furniture, decoration, sub flooring and flooring .

The UV coating protects the PioneerOSBTM from the environment, making it long-lasting, durable , scratch-resistant and water resistant

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